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Text to 911

In an emergency.... It’s always preferred that you CALL 911, but if you can’t, then TEXT.

TEXT 911 if: 

 You are speech or hearing impaired.

 Speaking could cause you harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m able to text 911?
Why isn’t Text-to-911 available everywhere in the U.S.?
Why would I want to use Text-to-911?
If I send a text to 911, will the 911 center automatically know my location?
Do I need to have a texting plan to send a text message to 911?
How do I send a text to 911?
Can I send the 911 operator a photo or video?
What if I try to send a text to 911 where Text-to-911 isn’t available?
Can I try to send a text to 911 to see if Text-to-911 is available in my area?

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