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Funding & Projects

FY 2023 Highlights

MOTOROLA FLEX:  We went live with Motorola Flex in September of 2022.  Throughout 2023 we continued to work with Motorola identifying issues, bringing interfaces online, implementing a reporting system and going live with the the Iowa System/NCIC state interface in November.  We continue to work with Motorola as issues arise with the new software and meet internally bi-weekly to discuss ongoing issues.


CALEA ACCREDITATION:  The Communications Center was evaluated during our year 2 web-based review in November of 2023 and received positive feedback with no issues identified. Files were reviewed online, and phone interviews were conducted with several employees. We will have another web-based assessment in November of 2024 and our site- based assessment in July of 2025.


STAFFING/RECRUITMENT: 4 new hires began employment in 2023; we continue to see more turnover than previous years and continue to work with Human Resources to fill positions quickly.  The job description for Communications Operator was updated so that the minimum qualifications required are not eliminating any applicants early in the process..