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Funding & Projects

FY 2022 Highlights

MOTOROLA FLEX:  Negotiations were made on a new integrated public safety software system to include CAD, RMS and Jail software, preparations and training have been done throughout the year and the system went live September of 2022.


911 HARDWARE REFRESH:  The existing Solacom 911 system will receive updated hardware and software  The 911 Service Board funded this project in the amount of $213,000 and was installed in September of 2022.  A feature of the new system is for the dispatcher to be able to initiate an outbound text call.


CALEA ACCREDITATION:  After a successfaul 4-year re-accreditation cycle which included a "virtual" assessment in July of 2021, we received our 3rd award on November 22, 2021 and continue to follow a process of continual review and improvement.


EQUATURE RECORDER UPGRADE:  The DSS Corporation will be doing a hardware refresh and extend the maintenance for an additional 5 years on the existing logging recorder system.  The E911 Service Board funded this project in the amount of $154,486.


NEXT GENERATION 911: In August of 2019 the State of Iowa received federal grant dollars to upgrade the State’s 911 Network. The initial project moved wireline 911 calls to the current wireless network and Woodbury County was provisioned in March of 2021.