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911 Funding & Projects

Woodbury County Communication Center improves 911 communications and emergency response through various funding projects.


In Woodbury County there is currently a $1.00 surcharge on all landline phones that funds the 911 Service Board. Each telephone in your home or business is charged that surcharge on your monthly phone bill. The telephone companies collect the money and quarterly submit those monies to the Woodbury county E911 Service Board.

The revenue is used to improve 911 communications through funding projects for emergency response in Woodbury County such as:

 Purchasing and maintaining 911 telephone equipment.

 Maintaining radio tower sites that house equipment for first responders - including generators and radio and paging equipment.

 Providing 911 addressing signs for all rural addresses.

 Providing 911 signs for the trail systems in Woodbury County.

 Funding 911 trunks and database maintenance that deliver your 911 call and information to the emergency operators.

 Maintaining a 911 mapping system.

 Maintaining recording equipment that records all 911 telephone lines.

 Maintaining a backup 911 center location in the event that main center must be evacuated.